timo wolthof: ceo of 21cryptos magazine

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Timo has taken on the exciting challenge of becoming the new CEO of 21CRYPTOS Magazine, and has some ambitious plans to take the company forwards, and help the magazine offer even more value to the world of blockchain.

Timo, congratulations on your new appointment – lets start off by learning a bit about you and your background. Where, when, and how did you begin your journey in the wonderful world of cryptocurrency?

Hey Jowan, thanks for introducing me to our readers. I’ve always been curious about new technologies and was in IT before I choose my more artistic side over my technical side.

It was around 2013 that I tried mining bitcoin, but never actually got around to actually understanding it and have it work. It took me 3 more years to actually become involved in crypto. I was very fortunate to get access to some spare cash at that moment and I invested in verious projects that sparked my interest. Of course, we all experienced what followed…

I was not one of the people who sold at all time high, nor did I sell at a later point, but I’m very happy that I got the chance to be part of this early movement. After that I realised that knowledge is paramount in this space and that continous education and taking the time to fully comprehend changes that are happening is going to be my biggest investment going forward.

The role of CEO is filled with challenges that help grow an individual and the company they direct – what drew you to 21CRYPTOS in particular?

I’ve said it often in my pitches, but when there’s a gold rush, you put your money on the guy who’s selling the pickaxe. In this newest sector information and education in an inspiring way is what’s lacking and 21CRYPTOS was expectionally poised to solve this problem. I’m a creative thinker in general and had media experience before, and my latest transition into sales augments the CEO position quite well. I’m also happiest when i’m travelling, which I have to do quite a lot for the magazine.

21CRYPTOS has some amazing plans to provide unique value to the industry – can you tell us a little about this, and your plans to grow the company to become a world leader in the field of blockchain?

The majority of content in our sector is rehashed journalism and not poised to educate people and provide an entertaining way to immerse themselves into this sector.

Crypto is hard, very hard to completely comprehend and the language barriers don’t exactly help. I think for our sector to be more accessible we need to move away from ‘breaking’-news which is a black hole of clickbait articles, articles meant to get prices to drop and bear(bull)-hit.

We’ve seen less correlation between price and news over the past years which proves that news is becoming less and less of a price indicator and we’ve also seen outrage when media companies write falsely or vaguely worded articles that actually hurt real life businesses. As we’ve seen recently when Binance was mentioned in an article about their office being raided.

Content is one of the most important aspects of any industry – it creates context for the communities, and sheds light on important issues, raising discussions that spur development and invigorate positive change – how does 21CRYPTOS plan to stand out above the crowd in this area?

That’s where our position as a magazine comes in. A magazine is perfectly positioned to create content that’s inspirational and build stories that we can tell people. Since we are focussed on entertainment, education and inspiration we can design stories and articles that inspire newcomers and enthousiasts and provide them engaging opinions, stories, facts and howto’s.

Our pieces will look at the future and help prepare people for the change that is coming.

What are some of the current key issues with the blockchain industry at large, and how do you plan to direct 21CRYPTOS towards the goal of helping those issues?

I believe that our industry is not actually preparing itself for mass (or even enthusiast adoption). We’re long ways from teaching people how private keys work, where to get the right information and we’re behaving like children in our telegram groups and twitter feeds.

This causes so much confusion for new people entering this new development. We need people to be prepared for the paradigm shift that crypto holds.

Becoming ready to serve as their own banks, to be able to verify transactions on the blockchain themselves and at least know that a twitter giveaway is probably going to be a scam. But the governments are also part of the actual problem and we need to invest time in making sure regulation is not hindering adoption.

One of my first conversations about regulation was about the neccessity of regulating, since all the bad that you can do with crypto is likely already illegal.

There are a lot of locations in the world that are disconnected from the wider industry, or in their own bubble in terms of development – how does 21CRYPTOS plan to engage with those areas, and to what end?

Telling you how we’re going to plan to engage with those area’s first starts by telling you about the locations that we know about that are ideal breeding grounds for cryptocurrency but are not targetted at the moment.

Since I’m from Europe I’d like to start there, but we’ve all been in France, or Italy to see that the majority of people there do not speak english very well. Ofcourse they can speak to you on the street but there is so much confusion about certain details due to sentence and grammar differences.

But this is prevalent even in the Netherlands which contains one of the highest percentage of English speaking populations besides the US and UK. Even I would prefer to read high quality content in my own language. With this magazine we’ve started marketing ourselves to the Brazilian population, which is a huge market of more than 100 million people.

And it’s in these developing countries where cryptocurrency is already solving problems, so I have a lot of faith that we need to target locally to be able to grow globally.

You have some innovative ideas on securing talent to expand rapidly – can you tell the readers what your strategy is here, and why it’s so important to secure the right people in the right areas?

Currently we are bootstrapping our operations and it’s our strategy to grow with locally hired regional managers who will translate, create and sell their ‘own’ product. This also means that there are clear commercial incentives for them to grow their part of the business. We’ll keep costs low and ensure high quality content and build our brandname together with our new partners.

Looking to the future – where do you see the blockchain industry being in 5-10 years time when it’s properly matured? How will 21CRYPTOS fit into that future model of the industry?

I think that crypto is at the forefront of many revolutions, including AI and Basic Income and that the things that are hindering the acceptance and allowance of those technologies are exactly the same mechanics as we’re seeing in crypto. But as soon as we overcome this process, the law of accelerating returns is going to give us much more results in the next decade than we’ve ever seen.

Is 21CRYPTOS solely focused on content, or are there other areas that you plan to expand the company into in the future?

We will be exploring secondary products that might better satisfy the needs of highly target – ted groups as well as launching a variety of other products to better help people interact with the crypto sector.

We are looking to further explore transactions between employers and employees and how to make those crypto friendly for both. And we’re also researching in our monthly content what it means to educate people about safety and best practices so it’s likely to say that we’re going to venture into creating services for the custody front as well at some point.

What’s the ultimate goal of 21CRYPTOS? What will the company look like when it reaches its ‘final form’?

I’d love for us to somewhere along the way to grow more and more decentralized and more interconnected with our audience. It’s my ultimate goal to drive mass adoption and for this we need to have maximum engagement and make sure that every country, market of even jurisdiction can have their own voice and speak to a global audience.

Thank you for your time, and your insightful discussion, Timo! With you at the helm, 21CRYPTOS is certain to achieve incredible success.