We spoke to The Wolf of Bitcoins about what he’s building in the space and found out what crypto he’s buying up this month.

A bit about myself.

I first became interested and aware of Bitcoin back in 2010/11 but it wasn’t until 2015 that I actually used Cryptocurrency as an investment vehicle.

How did I learn about Bitcoin? Well totally by accident to be honest. Someone told me about the “Dark Web” which was new to me at the time, so I downloaded TOR and started to browse the online market places that existed back then, Silk Road etc… I was fascinated to be honest as I had no clue this secret internet existed. Bitcoin was the currency used in these marketplaces and I had no clue how it worked as back then I was not very tech-savvy at all, but I understood that it was permissionless which was very interesting to me.

I used to follow WikiLeaks quite closely back then and I remember the day the “Bank Blockade” was placed on WikiLeaks, which was an all out attack on them. They are a organization that operates on donations so this was a huge blow and threatened to end them. Shortly after the Bank Blockade was announced a page was added to their website showing how people could donate with Bitcoin. There it was again, the “B” word. This time around I realized not only was it permissionless, but it was also censorship resistant. This was very powerful.

It took me a few more years of going down the Crypto rabbit hole to fully understand what cryptocurrency was, and how it would one day change not only our financial system but much much more. In 2015 I started to buy Bitcoin after the Mt Gox hack had put us into a multi year bear market (The bear market of 2014/15)

In 2016 I went all in on Crypto, as I believed over the coming years we would experience the largest shift in wealth in human history, and that it would usher in new opportunities and technologies that could change and impact the world positively.

When you think back to the Renaissance period, a small group of people completely changed the trajectory of the human race. Geniuses like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci etc… Took us out of the dark ages and into a new world.

I believe we will see the same happen again with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. Unfortunately world changing technologies have been suppressed and hidden from us since the days of Tesla, because they represent a threat to the status quo and monopolies on existing industries.

The reason I became so interested in this new technology was the fact I understood very well how the “system” is rigged against us, and that the FIAT experiment is doomed to fail eventually. Cryptocurrency is an alternative to the old legacy systems we have in place, a hedge against irresponsible bankers, governments and corporations. I fell in love with Crypto for ideological reasons way before I realised the potential financial benefits.   

Fast forward to now.  

Becoming involved in Bitcoin has forced me to level up in so many ways.

I became more tech savvy which was never my strength and learnt a lot about the history of money, economics and our financial system.

I taught myself how to trade cryptocurrencies, first by reading books and later I was mentored by professional traders. I even invested in mining Bitcoin, using the profits I had made through trading and being ‘early’ in the space.

I am fully invested and involved in this industry, and as a trader I have learnt the most from, and work closely with, the Bravado team, educating people and helping take their knowledge to the next level, not just with trading and technical analysis but the fundamentals of Crypto too. We have a large community comprised of analysts, traders and people hoping to learn everything they can about this industry. Check out www.bravadovip.com/wolf

I also work full time as an advisor and head of business development for ChainCreator who are  multinational Crypto investment company. Its portfolio includes www.chaincreator.exchange and offers Crypto exchanges as a white label solution.

I have owned and run traditional business my whole life but nothing excites like Crypto does so I choose to dedicate myself to this industry and help as much as I can to accelerate mass adoption.

What am I investing in and trading right now?

I believe the Binance launchpad IEO’s will do very well (they already have). I have looked into the fundamentals and FET, ONE and MATIC are solid projects that really stand out to me. They are up quite a considerable amount from their pre-sale price but I have been ‘DCAing’ (Dollar Cost Averaging) into these projects after the sell offs post IEO, with only a small % of my portfolio. Most of my portfolio is held in BTC. I believe the hype around these IEO’s from Binance will push the price of these coins up and when we finally do get an “Alt season” they will be among the leaders. On top of this I am sure “CZ” [Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao] has a vested interest in them which will factor into their success. I’ll be watching these very closely to see how they react over the coming weeks.

The next coin I’m looking at is…

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Of course I am not a financial advisor, I am just giving you my own opinion on the market. Trading cryptocurrency can be risky.


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