Hello Readers,

2 years ago in 2017, this date, everyone was recovering from the shocking fall from 19k back to 16k. The years have not been good for us present in that moment and HODL-ing. As Bitcoin has not yet reached those heights again.

But in terms of progress: one year ago to this date, the bitcoin price on 29th of December of 2018 we saw it just above the 3.5k USD dollars mark. What a stark contrast to where we are now with bitcoin remaining strong at 7.2k.

21Cryptos has needed to reinvent itself for quite some time, and we’ve done so successfully. We are in the process and have launched our new website (as you’re reading now) and have been preparing our expansion.

Our first secondary language that we are launching next week is Brazilian, and we will be launching the Dutch language as soon thereafter.

So in preparing for 2020 we have nice offer: if you buy a subscription now you’ll get access to all the back issues to date and deep dive into more than 1000 pages of historical content. That’s over 22 additional issues for you to glance through.

Our new content structure has seen much improved style and interviews, and as of next month we will have interactive howto’s for varying levels of engagement with this sector. From trading tips, to purchasing and selling to advanced technical howto’s. We will be the ones striving for mass adoption by educating the masses.

But for now we wish everyone a booming 2020…

Let’s see what the bitcoin price is going to do, and how to stay safe in 2020…

For a full year’s of entertainment and education:

In this issue:

Crypto Dictionary:
Looking into NFT’s and what they are.

How to limit risk whenever you buy an investment product such as a technical analysis course or a trading algorithm.

CEO’s interview.

Article about the ethics about not using blockchain when exchanging currency for future products or tokens resembling those products.