MobiePay is constructing a trifecta of products that will improve the current relationship that everyday consumers have with cryptocurrency. Fulfilling your everyday banking and transactional needs, MobiePay combines an all-in-one banking app, cryptocurrency & international fiat exchange, and merchant dashboard, that rewards both consumers and business owners every time they use the platform.

The three products that make up the Mobie family include, MobieWallet, MobiePay, & MobieX, all of which are powered with MobieCoin (MBX) on the Stellar network.

Combined, these platforms provide advantageous benefits for both business and consumers with its highly efficient processing speeds, ZERO exchange fees, a lucrative rewards system, and attractive utility features.


The Mobie mainstream consumer wallet will be a familiar experience to all those used to current mobile banking applications. This mobile and web app will work just like your everyday bank account. With a debit card or mobile phone, Mobie will allow you to use contactless payments, send money peer-to-peer, pay your bills, and shop at your favorite in-store or online.

While using MobieWallet you can earn instant cash back and rewards, which you can either spend on yourself, send to friends or family, or donate to charity. You’ll be able to link all existing bank accounts or credit cards your app, or simply go bankless and be paid directly to your MobieWallet.


For seasoned cryptocurrency holders, MobieX isn’t that much different to your existing crypto exchanges, however, by being integrated with your MobieWallet you’ll be able to make transactions at ultra-fast speeds, with ZERO fees.

But that’s not all, with MobieX users will not only be able to manage their crypto assets, they’ll also be able to seamlessly exchange with other fiat currencies from around the globe in real-time. This means that when you use Mobie for cross border, or even local transactions, which require a fiat or digital currency you currently don’t own, you’ll be able to use your existing assets to pay, and MobieX’s real-time exchange platform will take care of the rest. 


At the Point of Sale, MobiePay is how merchants can receive funds from users within the Mobie network. The major benefits of the network to the merchant is that they:

-Receive the payment in their local currency (regardless of the consumer’s choice of payment)

 -Benefit from ultra-low transaction fees

-Can eliminate chargebacks from their customers

-Allow for contactless mobile payments

All of this means flexible options to receive and make payments, better margins for the merchant, and happy customers. The best of both worlds. 

In addition to the logistical benefits of MobiePay, merchants will also be able to use MobiePay’s proprietary data platform to analyze data and optimize their direct marketing strategy to their loyal customers on the Mobie network.

MobiePay users will also receive cash back bonuses from top global brands & retailers for everyday purchases at physical and online locations, and so will be incentivized to use merchants partnered MobiePay. Merchants will also be able to provide special offers and receive affiliate benefits when introducing new customers into the Mobie family, adding another opportunity for revenue.

Taking into account all of the above, the Mobie family of products looks to provide benefits and features that greatly outweigh any token wallet, bank account or merchant payment solution currently on the market. The demand for a product like this is massive, and we look forward to seeing how they progress and grow in the coming months.

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