New Issue "25! What's Inside

We just launched our brand new issue #25! Want to know what’s inside? Check this out:

  • Fashion Industry is Using Blockchain
    Blockchain is stepping in to fight fraud and counterfeit clothing items. Read how this is done and what companies are taking advantage of blockchain.
  • Interview with CEO from Foxbit
    We talked to João Canhada, CEO from Foxbit Exchange, one of the most celebrated exchanges in Brazil.
  • Cryptodictionary: Wallets & Keys, How to Stay Safe
    Learn the basics of keeping your assets safe, and then some more. A guide created both for beginners and pros!
  • Does Technical Analysis Work?
    The one-million dollar question answered in this article. A bang for your buck, don’t you agree?
  • Death and Taxes in Crypto
    Discover how the government might taken advantage of your trades through double taxation and more.
  • Margin Trading
    Want to swim with the sharks? You’ll have to learn how to turbulent waves of leveraging!

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